1. What materials are included in the courses?
2. Where does the CTTC teach their courses?
3. Are classes taught in Spanish or English? Will my instructor speak English?
4. Can I take more than three days of classes?
5. Do I have to take the full three days of the course or can I take just one day or just two days of classes?
6. I can’t dedicate a full day to taking classes, can I take half a day of classes?
7. Do I have to schedule my classes back to back or can I take a day off in-between them?
8. I’m a total beginner and have never spun, woven, knitted or braided anything before. Are these classes for me?
9. I’m an accomplished spinner/weaver/knitter/braider and already know the basics of the techniques you teach. Could I start at a more advanced level in my classes?
10. My child would like to learn to spin/weave/knit/braid, are these classes appropriate for children?
11. How do I reserve a class? How do I sign up for a class?
12. How far in advance must I sign up for my class?
13. When do I pay for my class?
14. Do you offer student discounts?
15. Do you offer discounts for large groups?
16. If I cancel my class, will the CTTC reimburse me for the expense of the class?
17. How do I find the CTTC once I am in Cusco?