1. Who makes a good volunteer?
2. Does the CTTC Volunteer Program involve any fees or donations as a requisite of participation?
3. I want to volunteer, but I can’t commit to the minimum of three months. What should I do?
4. Do I need to speak Spanish to volunteer at the CTTC?
5. How much does an airplane flight cost to Cusco, Peru?
6. If I come as a volunteer, where can I find somewhere to live in Cusco?
7. What are food options like in Cusco?
8. What is local transportation like in Cusco?
9. What is there to do and see in Cusco? Why would I spend three or more months in Peru?
10. I want to improve my Spanish, are there places where I can take classes?
11. I want to learn Quechua, are there places that offer classes?