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Christmas CTTC 2021

Author: CTTC - Nilda Callañaupa

Published: 20/12/2021


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Although vaccines have been controlling the massive contagions of covid-19, some are still affected, sick and even in critical condition. It is always a pleasure to be able to travel to the communities to continue working and share the Christmas spirit with children, the elderly and weavers, although it always carries a risk. What I have noticed the most in these difficult times, with time and work with weavers during the pandemic, is that weavers are very eager to resume their daily activities in the practice of their textile art. Since it is a significant job and income for your vitality
We hope to end this year by leaving the bad memories caused by the pandemic in all its aspects, especially the loss of some loved ones, and that children and young people can perceive inspiring and promising opportunities for the future.
 Merry Christmas and a prosperous and promising year 2022
-Nilda Callañuapa
Founder and Director of the CTTC