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Let’s Celebrate Our Mothers !!

Author: CTTC

Published: 03/05/2021


General News


Mothers all over the world form an important part of our lives. They never say no when we ask for help, and they teach us everything they know to make things easier for us. Without our mothers, life wouldn't be the same.  Likewise, mothers are essential to achieve CTTC’s mission. 

Part of CTTC’s mission is to revive textile traditions and preserve them for the future. That will only be possible if  we empower the younger generations and inspire interest and pride in them for preserving  their traditions and history through weavering practices. Many of the women we work with are mothers and they carry out the most important part to preserve textile traditions. 

Weaving mothers we work with teach us and share with us their knowledge about textiles and the weaving process. They also teach the younger generations and inspire them to become weavers. In the Cusco highlands, kids start learning how to weave at an early age, especially young girls, and most often their mothers and grandmothers are their main teachers. Here mothers believe weaving will give their kids an essential skill for the future, thus, they teach with a compassionate yet hard hand in order to ensure the wellbeing of their kids. 

With the help of these amazing weavers and mothers, CTTC has successfully implemented a young weavers group in all 10 weaving communities we support. These groups meet once a week in their communities, and there, they can learn how to weave as well as learn the value and importance of their traditions.