Looping Technique Exhibition in Chinchero

Author: CTTC

Published: 23/09/2020


General News


The Away Riqcharicheq Weaving Center in Chinchero is currently hosting part of the exhibition “Reclaiming Ancient Paracas: The Struggle to Recover a Textile Technique” opened in Museo Inka in 2019. 

As part of CTTC´s efforts to share with the public the important work of reviving pre-Columbian techniques, the Cross Stitch Looping exhibition showcased the extraordinary advances of the weavers after almost two years of research, hard work, and constant practice aiming to master the technique. In Tinkuy 2017, this complex three-dimensional embroidery technique, that both the Paracas and Nasca used to brilliant effect in the borders of their textiles, was reintroduced to the weavers with the aim to revive an exquisite pre-Hispanic technique disappeared with the Conquest and  Colonial era.

In 2018 the weavers participated in the contest Weaver Awards where they replicated part of the Shroud of Gothenburg, the largest textile ever discovered that was created solely in the looping technique. All the competition pieces, made by both the Young and Adult Weavers Groups were exhibited in Museo Inka showing the extraordinary results achieved in the competition. 

These wonderful pieces are currently on display in the first CTTC weavers Center in Chinchero. Discover the mysterious story behind the Shroud of Gothenburg, one of “the most important textile that exists in the world,” and learn how modern weavers are recovering the knowledge of their ancestors stitch by stitch.