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Weaving Competitions - 2006 Dress of the Mummy Juanita

Author: CTTC

Published: 24/09/2020




Annually, the CTTC has organized diverse weaving competitions for both the adult and young weavers groups of the ten associations partnered to the Center; inviting in some opportunities regional weavers to participate too. The Weaving Competitions have fulfilled the mission of the Education Department to promote the re-appreciation of ancestral textiles by inspiring the weavers to delve into their past and revive techniques that had not been woven for hundreds of years. In this way, the weavers have accomplished to produce the finest woven pieces using their knowledge, traditions, and creativity through these competitions.

Throughout the years, the Permanent Collection of the CTTC has hosted many of the masterpieces resulting from the weaving competitions' first places, which are used for textile exhibitions and as documentary and study pieces.Through these one-of-a-kind pieces, the permanent collection provides a clear notion of how the CTTC weavers have progressively improved their practice, until the point of mastering the ancient textile techniques that have recovered over time.