About Acopia

Acopia is located about two hours south of Cusco in an area known as the Four Lakes. Strung together like gems, four high mountain lakes provide sustenance to local farmers who rely on them for fishing and irrigation. Acopia lies on the shores of the third lake, which is smaller than the other three.

In Acopia the weaving tradition nearly disappeared completely as only elder weavers knew the unique designs and styles of the community. The CTTC began working with Acopia in 2006, focussing on the elders to help them teach what they knew to younger weavers. Progress has been slow, but the community is making gains as they work together to document and revive their designs and traditional techniques. There are now approximately 30 adult members in Acopia’s weaving association and 20 children.

About Acopia Textiles 

Traditional blankets, or lliklla, in Acopia are typically woven with many stripes of thin designs in doble cara, or the two sided warp-faced technique. Every community has its repertoire of designs and techniques that identify and distinguish it from all others. In Acopia this design is organo q’enqo, a zig-zag pattern. Textiles from blankets to ponchos to belts boast different variations on organo q’enqo which can be woven in a variety of ways. Acopia weavers favour cochineal red and the natural grey of sheep wool in their textiles.