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Chocolatadas are traditional Christmas celebrations in Peru where organizations, companies, and local governments provide hot chocolate, sweet bread, and toys to rural communities that often don’t have access to these luxuries. Children wait in anticipation for days, and trek in from miles around to celebrate a morning of merriment and special treats.



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In Peru where differences in economic classes are extreme, Christmas can be one of the saddest times of the year for children from the countryside. It brings into sharp clarity the difference between what they lack, and what their counterparts in the city take for granted. While Chocolatadas do not address the real issues of poverty in Peru, they do bring hope to community children and let them know that they are not forgotten and are just as worthy of fun, hot chocolate, and toys as children from the city.



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Every year the CTTC organizes Chocolatadas in each of the ten weaving communities the Center works with. The weavers help prepare giant 80 liter pots of hot chocolate, and clowns put on a show for the children. After the jokes and games, the children gather round as the weavers and CTTC workers pass out hot chocolate, sweet bread, and a small toy to each child. Jacks, marbles, and tops are always favorites.

If you would like to support the CTTC’s efforts to bring a little Christmas cheer to the children from the communities, please consider making a donation to the Chocolatada Fund.



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