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The Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco frequently participates in art festivals and museum exhibits both nationally and internationally. In the last decade the textile and fiber arts have come a long way in gaining recognition as fine arts or folk arts as opposed to arts and crafts. Through museum exhibits and shows, the CTTC strives to gain greater respect for the weavers as artists, not craftspeople, and for consideration of their textiles as art, not craft.

While each weaver works inside of their community’s traditions, they incorporate their individual creativity, personality and life experiences into each piece they create just as Western artists create inside of their own artistic traditions while drawing on their personal experiences and creativity. The CTTC feels that it is important to recognize Andean weavers as artists and to challenge society´s views about what is considered craft, art, fine art, and indigenous art.



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Museum Exhibits and Shows:


Muestra de Tejidos Andinos
Instituto Cultural Peruano Norte Americano
March 13th – 31st, 2015 
Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco, guest curators
In honor of Women’s History Month


Exhibiting exceptional lliklla (blankets) and ponchos from eight weaving communities as well as a series of looms in progress, the “Showing of Andean Textiles” honored the women weavers who have overcome racism, sexism, and economic and familial problems to proudly maintain their textile traditions and proclaim their identity as indigenous Andean weavers.



Weaving the Patterns of the Land: Preserving Inca Textile Traditions
Robert Hull Fleming Museum
September 11th, 2001 – December 16th, 2001
Photographs by David VanBuskirk
Text by Elizabeth VanBuskirk, guest curator


Focusing on the connection Quechua people and their ancestors share with the earth, Pacha Mama, the exhibit explored the many links joining weaving with farming and the earth. From designs representing lakes and plants to the plain weave pampa representative of fields, nearly every aspect of a traditional textile ties the weaver and the wearer into their agricultural society and sense of place.



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Festivals and Fairs:


International Folk Art Market
Sante Fe, New Mexico
July of 2005 – 2015


Each July for ten years the CTTC has traveled to Santa Fe, CA to meet other artists and exhibit the finest textiles the weavers have to offer. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to meet the weavers and see their textiles first hand. The International Folk Art Market brings together over 170 artists from over 50 countries across the globe.



Smithsonian Folklife Festival – Peru
Washington D.C.
June 24th – July 5th, 2015


For eleven days the CTTC participated in a celebration of Peruvian culture on the Mall, teaching about the importance and beauty of Cusqueñan textiles and the traditions surrounding them. Each year the Smithsonian holds a Folklife Festival that honors a different region or country, inviting prominent artists, musicians, dancers, and other cultural experts to share their knowledge and traditions with the U.S. public.



Bogotá, Colombia
December 4th – 17th, 2015


For the first time in 2015 the Center attended one of the largest gatherings of artists and artisans in Latin America, ExpoArtesanías. Here the CTTC had the opportunity to present the work of the weavers to a massive audience of over 750 exhibitors and nearly 90,000 visitors.