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Accha Alta Collection Highlights

Weavers from Accha Alta traditionally use ley, a single sided supplementary warp technique, to create their traditional textiles. Very wide designs and limited use of plain weave make Accha Alta textiles unique.



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Acopia Collection Highlights

Acopia weavers favor the design organo q’enqo which can be found throughout their lliklla (blankets), ponchos, belts, and other textiles.



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Chahuaytire Collection Highlights

Chahuaytire weavers have an eye for detail and nothing escapes their attention. Their traditional textiles are finely woven with intricate ley patterns in deep maroon on a white background.



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Chinchero Collection Highlights

A traditional blanket from Chinchero is not complete without the design luraypu, which is always woven as the central design piece. Chinchero weavers prefer red, blue, and green in their plain weave while double sided designs are in red, green, yellow, blue and white.



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Mahuaypampa Collection Highlights

Mahuaypampa is best known for their design mayu q’enqo which represents the Milky Way. Mahuaypampa weavers will often place many small designs next to each other to build up a larger design section.



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Patabamba Collection Highlights

In Patabamba weavers frequently sew a blue velvet border around the edge of their traditional blankets to protect them from wear and tear. Over this they will embroider designs of flowers, birds and fish in white thread.



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Pitumarca Collection Highlights

Pitumarca weavers use a variety of highly complex techniques to create their traditional textiles. Ticlla (discontinuous warp), ampolas (three color ley designs), single and double sided weaving, knitting, and braiding can all be found in Pitumarca textiles.



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Santa Cruz de Sallac Collection Highlights 

Weavers from Santa Cruz de Sallac primarily use embroidery and ley to create designs in their weavings. Their revival of watay, the ikat dyeing technique, makes their textiles unique in the Cusco region.



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Santo Tomas Collection Highlights

Santo Tomas is well known for its horseback riding tradition, which greatly informs traditional textiles in the community. Designs of riders on horseback are common while traditional clothing is unique in its use of spurs, leggings, and leather boots.