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Over the years the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco has participated in or hosted many different weaving competitions. In each the weavers strive to out-do themselves, creating works of art that are as breathtakingly beautiful as they are technically complex. Often a team of two to five weavers will work together to create a large group entry that combines their collective knowledge, skill and creativity.



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Annual CTTC Weaving Competitions

Nearly every year since 2005 the CTTC has organized internal weaving competitions between the ten weaving associations the Center works with. Typically each competition has two categories, Traditional and Innovative, while each year the Center selects a different theme for the two categories. Besides presenting the weavers with an opportunity to stretch their imaginations and weave their finest, prize monies provide a welcomed, added income to rural families.





Annual Michell Group Weaving Competition

Each year the fine yarn company Michell Group holds a weaving competition in Peru to celebrate the rich and varied textile traditions of the country and to promote local weavers and the use of natural fibers. Nearly every year weavers from the CTTC enter and frequently win. We are proud to announce that just in 2015 Rigoberto Puma Mayta and Julia Apaza Quispe, weavers from the community Santa Cruz de Sallac, won first place in the Creative Category for their piece ‘Altar Watay Tika. In the Traditional Category, Juana Hancco Chavez from Pitumarca won second place for her piece ‘Ticlla Poncho de la Clase Nobleza,’ created in the unique discontinuous warp technique.



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First Regional Back-Strap Loom Weaving Competition – 2015

In an effort to encourage weavers in the Cusco region to continue weaving with the ancient back-strap technique, the CTTC organized the first Regional Back-strap Loom Weaving Competition in November, 2015 with DIRCETUR, the regional government entity in charge of artisanal workers and tourism in Cusco. The competition was divided into two categories, Traditional and Innovative, with five winners selected for each respectively. We are proud to announce that 198 weavers participated in the competition while many more were interested in future contests.



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