3 days, personal instructor, $170
Difficulty level: Extremely advanced  
Previous knitting experience is required for this course. You must already be a highly experienced knitter and must take all three days of the course. We do not offer one or two day versions of this course. 
Knitting was introduced by the Spanish, but since colonial times indigenous people have made this technique entirely their own. Each community boasts unique color combinations, knitting techniques, and designs that they incorporate into chullo, the knitted hats that men wear. This course teaches the basics of Andean knitting in the round with five needles and three colors of yarn to produce a small bag, suitable for carrying cellphones and change

The three day knitting course includes all of the materials you will need, plus a packet of information and instructions. Class hours each day are 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm.

  • Day 1: Learn the basics of knitting in the round and how to start your knitted bag. – $70
  • Day 2: Learn traditional knitting designs from Chinchero. – $50
  • Day 3: Continue practicing and knitting your bag, learn additional designs if you desire. – $50