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About Mahuaypampa

Mahuaypampa is located a short drive off of the highway that runs between Cusco and Urubamba in the Sacred Valley, the same highway that runs through the town of Chinchero. Situated on the high plain Pampa de Anta, the community members of Mahuaypampa predominantly dedicate themselves to agriculture. Fields in various stages of cultivation create a patchwork quilt of the countryside in greens, browns and yellows.

In Mahuaypampa textiles almost turned into ancient history as only a few elders continued to weave. Since partnering with the CTTC in 2000, the community has worked toward teaching younger generations the knowledge of these elder weavers so that their traditions will not be lost. Today approximately 30 Mahuaypampa adult weavers and 12 children are once again weaving with natural fibers and dyes in the traditional style of their community.

About Mahuaypampa Textiles 

Traditional Mahuaypampa textiles favour color combinations in red, pink, purple, green and the natural grey of sheep wool. Mahuaypampa designs are normally small and narrow; weavers will often place multiple designs next to each other. The principal design of Mahuaypampa is mayu qenqo, which is said to represent the Milky Way. Besides their designs, Mahuaypampa lliklla, or blankets, are characterized by a unique seam down the center in the form of small, multi-colored arrows that unite the two halves of the textile.