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3 days, personal instructor, $150
The people of the Andes have used slings, or hondas, for thousands of years to protect their flocks of alpaca and llama. Men and women traditionally braid hondas of thick yarn made of llama wool, which is thicker and courser than alpaca. Llama wool produces yarn only good for rough textiles such as potato sacks and hondas. When the Spanish introduced sheep to the Andes, weavers began to use sheep wool to make hondas as well. In this course you will learn various styles and designs of braiding an honda.

The three day sling braiding course includes all of the materials you will need, plus a packet of information and instructions. Class hours each day are 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

  • Day 1: Learn the basics of braiding an honda and a simple design – $50
  • Day 2: Continue working on your honda, learn a second deisgn, learn how to weave the flat bed where the rock rests in the sling. – $50
  • Day 3: Complete work on your hondas and learn how to finish. – $50