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Development of New Products: Deepening the Recovered Ancestral Techniques

Amidst these unconventional and challenging times, the CTTC’s priority has been to help weavers as much as possible, reimagining new ways to continue supporting the fair-trade of their textile art. However, the market, particularly in Cusco, has changed in a drastic way since the pandemic started. For this reason, the CTTC has opted to diversify the range of products as well as their prices through the different sales channels.

The project of 'Developing New Products: Deepening the Recovered Ancestral Techniques'  has been considered as one option to support the weavers’ income while they continue developing their traditional textile practice. The goal of this project is to encourage all the weavers to practice and reinforce the re-introduced pre-Hispanic textile techniques while assisting them in the development of different products, incorporating a low-cost product line.

The aim of this new product line is to be accessible to a broader public, mostly focused on the Cusqueñean and national public. The intention is to focus on the development of new textile products made from low-cost materials, simpler designs, smaller formats, however still technically outstanding, so they can continue to be acquired at a fair price, supporting the master weavers art and economy.

The re-introduced Ancestral techniques that are being reinforced through this project are: the Doubleweave Technique, the Knotting Technique (Wari Four-Cornered Hats), and the Looping Technique (Paracas-Nasca).

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